Spring is the perfect time of year to clean out your garage. The winter season tends to see the accumulation of dirt, dust, and clutter. The following spring cleaning checklist will help you start the new season right!


Create A Clear Plan

Your first step should take place before you even set foot in your garage. Create a plan of attack and list of tasks you hope to accomplish. If you have others joining you to help clean, decide which tasks each person will be responsible for in order to avoid confusion. Decide on a timeline before you start the work in order to pace yourself.


Move Your Belongings Outside

The next step is to declutter your garage. Move everything you can outside of the garage. This makes it easier to clean the inside, as well as to sort through the clutter that’s accumulated over time. If you decide to complete this step on a day when it isn’t raining, move everything out into the yard. Once you have everything out the open, divide the objects into piles for each of the following categories: keep, discard, and give away.


Clean Out the Garage

Once your garage is empty, it’s the perfect time to clean inside. Get a bucket of soapy water and wipe down the walls and shelving units. If your garage has cobwebs where the ceiling meets the walls, use a broom to knock them down. Once you’ve finished de-cobwebbing and wiping down any flat surfaces, sweep out the garage and wash the floors. You can complete this using an ordinary garden hose and a floor cleaning solution.


Clean Your Garage Door

While you have the hose out, use it to rinse off your garage door, and then wipe it down with a cleaning solution. Remember to clean both sides of the door! While you’re cleaning the door, take some time to inspect the door and system. Make sure the garage door opener is working properly and any moving parts aren’t rusty or showing signs of wear and tear.



The last step is to move everything back into the garage. Even though this is the last step in the process and you’re excited to be nearly finished, don’t move everything back in a hurry. Make sure that each object has a specific space. Consider installing additional storage, such as extra cabinets or storage racks. These will help you keep your garage clean and organized all year round!