Fall is a season of coziness, family and all too often – tacky decorations. Choosing timeless decor pieces can help your home go from overdone to effortless in a matter of minutes. Resist the urge to over decorate and instead begin this season of crisp air and warm sweaters with timeless and straightforward decorations that you will want to reuse year after year. Here are some ideas for the prominent areas of your home.

The Dining Room
It is all too easy to throw a bright orange and patterned tablecloth onto your dining room table and call it a day but that garish color will soon grow old. Instead, opt for a neutral color, such as a tan or a sage green and focus on a centerpiece instead. This focal point can be a great place to use small store-bought gourds in a modern cornucopia. Or add a few fall scented candles and a bouquet of fall flowers, such as chrysanthemums or black-eyed Susans. Another timeless option is to add a colorful mum as your centerpiece.

The Porch
Decorating for fall does not always mean decorating for Christmas. Resist the urge to throw up a bright green and red berry wreath on your door and call it a day. Instead, choose a wreath that celebrates the colors of fall, such as yellows, light greens, and reds. Dusty Miller is a great green to use in this type of wreath as well! Trade out the standard orange pumpkins for white ones or other varieties of gourds. If you can’t resist the urge to hang bright colored Christmas lights, you could hang simple white lights instead to account for the season change.

The Living Room
Changing artwork on your living room wall can be time-consuming and not always practical as every new season rolls around. If you have a fireplace and a mantle, use that as the decoration hub for this space. Choose to fill a wood basket with birch wood. Keep a bin of blankets nearby as well. A fireplace mantle is a great place to lean a simple frame with a fall painting in it. Lanterns with fall scented candles can also be a great addition here.

Choosing natural and neutral fall decoration will make your season transition effortless and straightforward. Also picking decoration pieces that transition from fall to winter will also help you stay sane in all the commotion. Don’t fall into the over-decorating trap and instead coast through the season with timeless decor.