Late fall into early winter is the perfect time for smores, cozy blankets and spooky stories, which means that it is an ideal time to gather your family around a fire. Fires are such a fun family event when the night air has started to get crisp. Don’t have a fire pit of your own? Here we will go over some of the steps to building your own.

The first step to creating your fire pit is to find a safe and open area in your yard to build it. It is essential to put your and your family’s safety first when taking on this project. There are two ways that you can create the fire pit – in the ground so that it is level with the surface, or on top of the ground. I will focus on the instructions for one that is level with the ground


Choose Your Location

The very first step is to choose the prime location for the pit. This should be away from trees, your house, and any brush. Look into your communities codes to ensure that you are following any preset guidelines. Once you have settled on an area, mark a three-foot wide circle with some spray paint. At this point, you will want to make sure that no utility lines are running underneath the area that you want to dig. Once you have cleared that, dig a pit about eight inches deep.


The Footing

The next step is to pour the base and sides of your fire pit. Pouring a concrete footing will help your fire pit stay sturdy and keep any fires contained. Once you have set up your frame and poured in the concrete, let it sit overnight before proceeding to the next step.


The Firebrick

Now is the time to add the next layer to your fire pit. Using special firebrick, which is rated for very high temperatures, you will mortar them standing up on the top of the concrete sides. It is crucial that you use actual firebrick for this because standard red brick will not be able to handle the heat.



Now you can choose how you want to decorate the outside of your fire pit. This would be an excellent place to use your regular brick if you would like. Another option is to decorate it with large natural stones. It is also a good idea to place some rocks on the ground around the pit to prevent anything from catching due to sparks.