Indoor plants are a great way to refresh the air of your home while also adding a beautiful and live element to your decor. Sadly, regular plant pots can get kind of boring but there are options. As long as the pot holds dirt and allows moisture to drain and stay contained, it is a flower pot. Here is a list of eight different items that you can use as flower pots for a little variety.



Mugs are a great way to showcase plants. They are also easy to get a hold of and many ways to have varied types of pots. These are especially nice for succulents and small house plants. Mugs are a great way to show off your personality. Easy to find at thrift stores and easy to use for flowers. If you do not want to drill holes in the bottom, just be sure to put a layer of pebbles in before the soil.


Toy Animals

This one may sound a little strange at first, but I promise you – it is a really fun way to display plants. Find a small toy animal at a thrift store, preferably one that is hollow. By opening up the top with a razor blade and spray painting it the color of your choice – gold looks great – it creates a really fun flower pot! Again, great for succulents.



Legos are all the craze right now, and for good reason. If you are a Lego enthusiast with a green thumb, design a small flower pot to create out of these little building blocks. The opportunities are endless for this option!



If you prefer your decor to be simple and rustic, a simple wooden flower pot may be the way to go. Finding a wood like birch can give a simple, yet beautiful, style. Hollow of the wood and then proceed with the planting! For larger planters, use a larger log laying on its side – it will look natural and wonderful!



Have any old pallets lying around? They can be a great porch or deck planter option that adds a unique element. With the step look of them, you can really style the flowers and plants you have inside. You can even plan some vegetables and herbs!



Yes – you can use tires as planters or flower pots! By closing up the opening on one side and decorating the exterior with rope – it will make a beautiful outside planter. Another option is to paint the tire and hang it verbally and create a flower scape inside the curve of the tire.



While this one may take more work, a concrete flower pot can give you a great industrial fee to your decor either indoor or outdoor. Create smaller pots for succulents or small indoor greener and larger ones for outdoor planters. These look great raw or with some paint thrown on!


Glass Bowls

Cookie bowls or other glass serving ware can also be used for a flower pot or even better, a terrarium. Fill the bowl with rocks, soil, moss and succulents for a lovely little terrarium or use the bowl as a way to teach your children about the cycle of plants.