Let’s face it, a full kitchen remodel comes with a pretty hefty price tag. Luckily, you can create your dream kitchen, that the whole family will enjoy without breaking the bank. Take a look at these five budget-friendly ideas that will give your kitchen a fabulous facelift.


Change the Hardware

The hardware in your kitchen may seem insignificant, but you would be surprised at how much of an impact they really make. New hardware will add style and personality to your kitchen and you can always find an affordable set of drawer pulls or knobs at your local hardware store or online.


Paint the Cabinets

Although this can be quite a tedious task, especially if you have lots of cabinetry in your kitchen, painting them can really transform the entire space. If you aren’t sure where to start, they sell kits just for painting your kitchen cabinets for under $100, which is a small fraction of the price it would cost to replace them all.


Update the Light Fixtures

Whether you choose a fancy chandelier or a rustic decorative light fixture, updating the lights in your kitchen is a very affordable way to not only enhance the lighting in this space but also create a cozy and more welcoming kitchen area. You can also add additional lighting such as a statement floor lamp or a battery powered LED light for underneath the cabinets.


Add a Little Color

A pop of color may be just what your kitchen needs for a little sprucing up. Consider painting the walls of your kitchen or just do one wall for an accent to really enhance the overall look of the space.


Another idea is to add or update the backsplash in your kitchen. There are so many budget-friendly options when choosing backsplash for your kitchen like ceramic or peel-and-stick tiles.


Replace the Countertop

Replacing your kitchen countertops yourself is actually less expensive than you think. Try a faux granite if you prefer the natural stone look or choose concrete for an affordable, durable and industrial look. If you aren’t up for the challenge of replacing the countertops yourself, try contact paper. Adhering marble-patterned contact paper can recreate that elegant, polished look and only set you back $30-40.