Parents of growing infants are sure to find themselves overrun by baby food jars of various shapes and sizes. It seems a waste to throw them all away so why not find some fun and inventive ways to use the jars, either for hobbies or for organizational purposes? Here are 12 ways that you could use those small, empty jars.


Grow Plants And Herbs

Baby food jars provide enough space for seed starting and could be perfect those interested in gardening endeavors to grow various plants and herbs. The end result could be utilized for garden or decoration purposes.


Food Storage

Empty baby food jars might provide additional food or liquid storage outlets. Instead of spending money on plastic or glass bowls or containers, a collection of these empty jars can provide a valuable method of storing leftovers, condiments, spices, or herbs.


Office Supply Storage

These small containers could additionally organize house office supply items such as thumbtacks, paper clips, pens or pencils. Attached a magnet to the lid and sticking them to a metal filing cabinet could be a fun way to store these small items.


Create Decorative Art

Creative types might use an empty baby food jar to create artwork. You can create mini designs or items such as snow globes. This is a perfect hobby to take up with your growing children!


Mini Gift Packages

Used baby food containers can even be used as tiny gift holders. The containers might be filled with candy to present to trick-or-treaters on Halloween or to fill with tiny gifts for friends, family or co-workers during the Christmas season. Have a family wedding coming up? Use extra jars for wedding favors!


Cosmetic Container

Finished baby food jars might prove useful to house various cosmetic items. Specific products might include perfume samples, applications sticks, and pencils.


Candle Holder Or Lantern

Baby food jars could be used as candle holders or to create lanterns. Tiny candle containers may prove valuable during power outages. Lanterns could be used in similar situations or hung outdoors to enhance existing décor.


Craft Container

Used baby food jars could also be useful to organize tiny items often used for arts and crafts such as buttons, needles, and pins.


Bird Feeder

These tiny glass structures can be used to act as birdfeeders. A hummingbird feeder is the most plausible for this use and is downright adorable!


Mini Vases

Like vases, empty baby jars could be used to hold various items such as plants or other decorative items. Do your children love bringing you “flowers” from the backyard? Give them a place to stay in a baby food jar.


Medication Containers

Used baby food containers can be helpful for holding either prescription or over-the-counter medications. Practicing such a technique might reduce clutter by eliminating the need to keep so many boxes and bottles in your medicine cabinet.


Mini Photo Frames

These jars are also great for keeping small photos of loved ones safe and also displaying them for your enjoyment.