Alcides Segui

Not Your Average DIY Projects
Passionate career professional
Lover of the little things
Dedicated family man
Alcides Segui believes that we should all find something we’re passionate about in life and then pursue it. After spending just a few minutes with him, you get a sense of how much he means that. He approaches everything in life with the same ambition and enthusiasm, whether it’s his career or a hobby. His motto is “The only way to be good is to be passionate”.

Alcides Segui’s Accomplishments

Morning Weekend Anchor/Reporter

Alcides Segui worked as the Morning Weekend Anchor/Reporter for WTVT-Fox 13 in Tampa, Florida. During his time there, he broke a number of stories, solidifying himself as a top-notch reporter in a Top 13 Market.

Florida A&M University
B.S. in Communication

Alcides Segui’s college career was nothing short of non-stop action. During his time there, he played baseball all four years and graduated with a Bacehlor’s of Science in Journalism.


For Alcides, this is where it all began. Alcides interned at his first station while he was still in college, and he hasn’t looked back since. As he pivots into a career in Public Relations, he still brings the same passion and wide-eyed enthusiasm with him today that was present in his first day on the job.